Her Name is Elaine

wanna hear a story
about a beautiful woman in her prime, 
who reluctantly obliges a man with a date?
wined and dined by this made man, 
she witnesses an accidental murder, 
toppling her life towards a devastating demise.  
Her Name is Elaine.”

2023 jpurpera

Elaine Stec was born on August 22, 1948 in Cheektowaga / Sloan area east of Buffalo NY.

EShe attended John F Kennedy High School, she enjoyed choir, Latin, journalism and was the editor of the feature section of the school paper.

Elaine Stec graduated from Kennedy High School in 1966. She attend Buffalo State College the following Fall.

In 1967 Elaine stec had a run in with the Canadian authorities fined $50.

On November 8 1969 Elaine steC’s whole life changes,
when she witnesses a fight outside of the ivanhoe Tavern

Thomas Trent died on On November 9, 1969