Pulp Series is a design company specializing in website design, logos and graphics, brand identity, exhibit designs, and legacy archiving specialties. Within the previous years we have acquired, fairfield press, and digital imagiste web and graphics, and the cutting edge writing from jpurpera.

Pulp Series has evolved into a Publishing House acquiring, Fairfield press in 2022. Within the next month, you will be able to purchase all past Umbrella Man books, Posters, T-shirts, totes, along with yes, umbrellas. around the same time Digital Imagiste web and graphic CEO wanted to return to there former career, and pulp series maintain and updates all of there websites.

With these three acquisitions, we are happy to announce that be selling all the books, art, and merchanding from

the umbrella man series

by Dan Kolb and Mark Leiser

ten-second series

Keep up to date on the latest addition to “don’t forget where you’re FROM”

Her name is Elaine the first in the series in coming soon.